Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Hack, or how to get a taxi at HCMC airport

In Singapore people such as retired hedge fund managers drive taxis. It gives them something to do.  Singapore has the best taxis in the world.

In every other city in the world there are varying degrees of service, competence and larceny in the world of taxis.  Ho Chi Minh City is an example. When arriving at the international terminal of Tân Sơn Nhất Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, arriving visitors are greeted by a variety of overpriced kiosks, touts and sketchy taxis at the curb. Where are the Vinasun Taxis?

I lived in Ho Chi Minh City for over a year and learned Vinasun Taxis are safe, clean, courteous and honest. They use the meter, which is quite inexpensive. The driver wears a uniform: white shirt and black pants.  They are on par with Singapore, although the Vinasun drivers can't discuss derivatives:)

So where are they at the airport?

The Vinasun taxis line up at the domestic terminal.  When you leave the international terminal go right. After a short walk you will come to a left turn on the walkway and a few steps later find yourself in front of the busy, new domestic terminal.

Cross the several lanes of traffic in front of the terminal (on your left) to the last island where the taxis cue. Ignore the many touts seeking to guide you to one of the many brands of taxi and ask for, or simply walk up to, the nearest Vinasun Taxi.

That's it!  Life hack HCMC taxi grab:)

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